#AcWriMo in December

AcWriMo It’s all over… or is it?


As December ticks by it’s about time I checked in with my #AcWriMo experience and the goals I set myself.

I had said I wanted to: 

1. Start blogging.

2. Academic CV.

3. WiSPs Conference Paper.

4. Reflect on chapter “one”

and…. 5? An article for publication??


Well, goals 1-4 have been met and goal 5 remains as tentative as ever. But I always thought that AcWriMo was more about the experience gained and the habits generated that the individual goals, right? And it’s because of that that I can reflect back on November and think about what I achieved and what I gained as more than goals 1-4.


  • AcWriMo has taught me that I’m not alone. It represents a community of solo researchers coming together to beat the loneliness of the library/office/living room table.


  • AcWriMo has shown me that I need to tighten my working schedule to maximize efficiency.


  • AcWriMo has made me accountable to more people that my inner monologue.


  • AcWriMo has gotten me to pull my socks up and get on with some things I’ve been putting off and, more importantly, stick to them.


It’s because of these things that I’m going to continue following and participating in the AcWri hash tag, and here are my aims for December:


  1. Working practice: every day I am aiming to do 2x pomodori reading, 2x pomodori planning and organizing / reviewing, and 2x pomodori writing. This gives me time every day to do other things and have time off – very important and I’m suffering from a bit of ‘end-of-term-itis’.
  2. Continue blogging weekly.
  3. Conference preparation for January event.
  4. 3x conference abstracts for next year
  5. Grant writing for money for Gender & Sexuality events.
  6. And the big cookie: 10,000 words on the body within post-structuralist theory reviewing sources for use in my thesis, with aim of this functioning as an extended theory-methodology for the thesis.


I’d better get on with i then….


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