Documentaries: Bibliography

During recent decades, following Spain’s memory boom, a series of documentaries about the lives and experiences of female political prisoners under Franco have been released.

Del olvido a la memoria. Presas de Franco.  Dir. Jorge Montes Salguero.  2007.

– Documentary based on the life and work of Tomasa Cuevas (1917-2007) who recorded the memories of her fellow prison inmates.

– Available to watch online here and here .

Las ventanas de Soledad Real.  Dir. Pol Ferran Acózar.  2006.

– Documentary celebrating the life of Soledad Real (1917-2006)

– Available online here as part of the project ‘Las ventanas de Soledad Real’ from la Fundació Pere Ardiaca.

Debekatuta dago oroitzea. Prohibido recordar.  Dir.  Josu Martinez, Txaber Larreategi.  2010.

– Documentary about the women’s prison in Saturraran. In Basque and Castilian.

– Available online here .

Que mi nombre no se borre de la historia.  Dir.  Verónica Vigil, José María Almela.  2004.

– Documentary about JSU (Unified Young Socialists) and their repression under the regime.

– Available here. 

Las 13 rosas.  Dir. Emilio Martínez Lázaro.  2007.

– Film about ‘las 13 rosas’, 13 young women executed under the regime.

– On IMDB here  and trailer here.

Mujeres Republicanas.  Dir. Javi Larrauri.  2010.

– Documentary interviewing republican women by artist and activist Javi Larrauri.

– Available here.


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